Maintenance 6th of July 2020:

Quest Lapis Quest with lapis bag is now removed. Kind of just strange to have 2 now that drop level 8 and acc as there so common.

New quest insted of this is GMRR quest. Same place as the lapis quest. but you get GMRR when you take it

KI get’s the Lapis Piece Chest removed all of them you have will be turned into SOr 1 points

SOr Random bag drop is now changed.
We removed 70 enchantment, Lapisia and the old regnum gear/wepons

Because Lapisia is removed from the SOr bag i added a extra map for that. They drop at 5% in D water too now

Because Level 70 Enchantment items are removed from the SOr bag we added them to DD2 at 5%

Maintenance 29th of June 2020:

Jungel, DD1, DD2 and D-water will from now on drop SOr 1 point at 5 %.
All parts of hammers and chest pieces are now gone.
KI now drop SOr 10 points and Cracked ( Dimensional Portal ) drops both SOr 1 and SOr 10 points
This points can be used to buy perfect hammers. perfect extraction hammers, Boss chests, Cronus boss chests, lapis chests.
And everything you normally collected pieces for. ( AH )
Even The new SOr Random bag you can get with this points.. You choose where you farm. you choose what you buy..
When you want to change 10x 1 points into 1x 10 points or 10x 10 points into 1x 100 points you go to AH or Capital
New map:
Cryptic the Immortal more normal HP
DD1: Get a lot more mobs. this is the only way to get lapisia so wanted this to stay even after the changes..
GRB get SOr pints added:
SOr 10 Points at 1%SOr 1 Points at 2%

CL/FL: The npc moves to the last room ( Cloron/Fantasmas room Not Dragons room.. )

Maintenance 22th of June 2020

New map change:

Mobs from Mid Lane is close to totally gone. Ready for pvp close to all along the mid Lane

Many usless items like parts of hammer, parts of donation gear and a lot of that removed.

New Bosses added here and NPC. ( 2 portals on the map 2 Bosses watching them )

Cryptic the Immortal
Cryptic the Last

If you take the quest you get a bag that drop Only SO/SOr Lapis
5x 100% SO random Bag drop normal from the boss. Not in NPC

This means it drop normal drop + the npc drop..

NPC added:

15 and 30 + new map ( liquid ) ( all got a npc to sell items in the start of the pvp.. )
CL3 and FL3 added NPC at the start of the 3rd floor


All got a litle bit less HP. from 3 million to 1 million lower including MM mobs..

Cloron and Fantasma’s Dragon is still the same. Really too new bosses to change yet.

Maintenance 15th of June 2020

Small changes on the new map and drop:

Like the GMRR piece is removed from the bag.
Mobs have a updated attack/def..
Item Mall
Name change up in price in item mall…. way too much used..


Some items fixed:

some had strangely missing a few stats on walkers. they are now fixed and all the same stats

Our first try to fix the bug in the game where players can hit 2 times. and many more using the R tab. We hope we can make it.
But why we have to hold the Maintenance at 23:00 or 11 PM server time. not 8 PM as before..

Maintenance 8th of June 2020:

This is Cronus:

I’m about to do something i never done before. I’m about to copy someone else. Let’s take the why first!!!

First of all i have no idea where this is from ( i tried to contact the maker but it seems he is gone as dev ).

Everything i have i asked to use 1 day or another. I don’t steal.

But this thing i’m about to do. I have no idea where it’s from. But because i have asked for everything i have. I’m sure it’s ok.

And why the hell not ppl been stealing form me for years. Actually a decade now LOL.

There is a map i like a lot that i never seen played in Shaiya before. This is normally a dungeon map. It’s really big “DD2/DD1 big more or less “..

And because of that i’m using a map inside a dungeon ( dungeons are black , the mini map and so on ).

This is not really pro map hahah. it’s a made map.. Just so ppl can see where they are and where they are going.. OK

This map is a full out PVP master map. BUT i’m going to change that a bit.

Here we have mobs now. new mobs. never had mobs before. I have made and planted new ones in the map all week. I even made a fortress on both sides.

If you try to enter the other factions “fortress” you will 1000000% die. It’s even fun how you die so test it out please hahaha.

Back to the mobs. They are like Cracked mobs. ( 200K HP so it takes a vile to kill them )

But there on a big map. Meaning they will be hard, But not really hard.

I could kill 3 or 4 at a time with my 69 gear guy ( solo ) With healing pots. Normally linked ok, not all lapis and as it’s 69 ( free set ) i have 40 stats on GMRR not 50.

This is where my fighter was at the time i tried… Attack 5K, 1800 Def

This map will drop 1 thing and 1 thing only at 5% drop rate ( yes it’s low when there hard to kill ). But lissen Inside this thing ( bag ).

There is everything that has value in the game. Even a new “thing” bosses don’t even have…

You can get regnum gear/weap, you can get 6Y pieces, you can get level 6 dual lapis. perfect hammers. FC, DPC, even the DP Book. OR the big ones. level 8. level 9 lapis ++++++

Finally the big secret. SO lapis… This is SO STR, SO DEX and so on. But this is only base stats ( STR,DEX,REC,INT,WIS,LUC ). Nothing like wit or Asaasult or anything like that.

Just the Stats and only that. This will give a wopping 100 stat points each.. Value for your time i hope? and it’s a pvp map insanity.

There will be a NPC to this place in AH, same NPC as the one to D-water and Jungel

This is not all.

The Mounts we removed:

They are back. as a dp mount this time ( sorry but look up you can get more dp ingame again ). This is D1 and D2 ( donation 1 and Donation 2 )

D1 cost 10k dp and D2 cost 15k DP ( they will fit the basic color of the gear, D1 is 6Y and D2 is SO )

Pictures will be posted in discord under Donation Armor pictures.

Don’t forget to vote and pvp to get DP also.

Maintenance 1st of June 2020

Need to read this:
WE wanted to do something special with our gear/weapons/capes and all that.
1 full set and a full set is not complete without mounts.
We now add new mounts. But this is a problem. We can only use the ones ingame.
This means we have to remove the ones ingame. But you will all get your money back.
Your main Character ( the one you used the Main ticket on ). Will get added money of the cost of the mount.
Or gift box you will get gold bars if you had a lot.

( if you still missing both Monts and Money after maintenance. you have to ask a GS and we will check it.)
Snowboard and raindeers will not be removed. Just the mounts. Item mall will hold a new ticekt. If you have 6Y gear you can get a 6Y mount. And if you have SO gear you can get SO mount.
( this comes next week as we have to do a test week on them first )

Will cost DP this time. But basic still is gold. like snowboard and Holyday Raindeer.

Sorry but we love some of the armors. We want them to match. It will be a new SO Cape soon too. But this stuff takes time to work out..

Basic of this Mounts is cape basic’s. If you have a black/gold cape the mount for you will be Black gold. If you have white/gold. the mount wil be the same way..6Y will be the moust basic mount. SO will be midle and level 58 ( really expencive ones ) we save for later so we have them when needed.
This because right now we only have 3 diffrent ones for the game..

Dooring Maintenance day we add money and remove Mounts. Be sure to tell us if your missing gold and we can check it..

Maintenance 25th of may 2020

A few skills fixed..

Monsters update:

D-water had 5 mobs that droped lapisia for some reason.
This is now removed

D-water guards got a upgrade. some seems to think that if they can’t kill me i can enter.
But guards means no enter.Now they will tell you that a lot clearer..

Quest update:

New PEH quest. Now you can use the same pices as Perfect linking hammer (Small Piece of a hammer ) to get Perfect Extraction hammers.

The Endure,Deceive and Forbid Shop in ah now give you PEH for the same Small Piece of a hammer that you use to get Perfect Linking Hammer

Still need 10x here too.

All normal 70 armor/weapon/cape and acc now have selling value. Every piece has 2 million selling value..
Too many just store them in wearhouse. and ppl missing gold all the time..

Maintenance 18th of may 2020

Changed the SO token from bosses into low drop from the boss bags. both KI and Cracked.
This means removed from the bosses it self because of 1 more time too much fun with rejoining raids, killing mobs when doing bosses and so on..
Bosses in 15 and 30 now drop 5 items. 4x Mini GMRR and 1x BDB ( gives 1000 dp )
New quests:
Protection Merchant Narke Kiron in ah can take 7 Power Lapisia and give you 1 defence Lapisia back. If you want. Fair traid if you ask me 🙂
Farm able items both of them. But ppl need 9 armor parts, 10 if you have shield for the defence one. and only 4 on weapons ( 8 if you want double set )Healers need only for 1 weapon normally, some magic dealers too. Why 7.
Professional Blacksmith Carax Abigail will take 5 GMRR of your hand and give you 1 Mini GMRR ( both bosses drop, but many more 70 bosses then 15 and 30, why 5 )
Skills change:
Blizzard and Hailstorm has now no cast time.. easier to farm for Priest’s.

Maintenance 4th of may 2020

Fixes been done this week as we changed Server on the 1st of may.
New after 1st is we bring Cloron and Fantasma dragon back.
They will spawn every 36 hours
They Drop Ultimate Item Pocket 5x
Ultimate Item Pocket drop:Boss drop bags ( low chance )
Cronus boss drop Bag ( low chance )
Level 8 lapis
Perfect hammer/extract hammer
This is a old giant Shaiya players love or hate. We want that old fellow to come back. He is dangerous so watch out..

Maintenance 27th of April 2020

This time it’s more of a fix for how we seen the game is going.
Weapon Change will change description after maintenance.
This can not be used for faction change weapons. You can not change fury into light and the other way.
Faction change now cost 100K. We can not help all the players that want to “play with there Friends” and all that when it does not help the server balance.or move over “your other account” and all that stuff. If we need you to help the loosing faction we ask you, not you us and we do it for free..
Small PVP event is now gone. this was making problems. This means kill the other event is gone too. the price of 100 million. Still farming takes less time. and we have another now. sorry about this.
Because of Personal problems the new Donation Gear comes next week. Not this week. Sorry