Why choose to play Shaiya Olympus Remake

  • Starter items: Free Set level 69 when you create account with Character level 70 ( Hard or Ultimate )
  • Free stuff: Free level 5-7, accessory lapis, Elemental lapis and level 1/2 helm lapis in ah, 30 day items in item mall..
  • PvP/Farm: 80% PvP, 20% farm
  • Linking Rate: Max Linking Chance is 100% with hammer
  • Donation Points: when you pvp, vote, in boss drop or When you donate.
  • Special stuff: Same HP both factions,Free Portals from AH to everywhere you need to go, Enemy had debuff under bar, No dual client, 99% of all hacks impossible to do ( always updated ).. 3 players to make a guild.
  • Special Donation gear ( skin ). We have 6 farm able and 6 donation only skin’s to choose from. You can even get your own gear how you like it. contact us and we might make that happen. no special stats or anything.
  • Quest farming: We have our own SOr point system ingame. You can use them to buy boss drop, perfect linking hammer and a lot more..
  • Zones: We have level 15 ( when you choose easy ), level 30 (when you choose Normal ), 70 when you choose Hard or Ultimate. All start in auction house ( AH ). To get to 15 and 30 use portals in capital